Starting Over


Wouldn’t anyone trade anything just to start over? I know  I would.

Trash the saying that not everyone is given a chance to start over. BECAUSE EVERYONE DOES. I have learned overtime ( I learned hard, mind you!) that, the reason life is beautiful because as long as you are alive, there is always room for improvement. That you can always start over.

But ofcourse, you have to weigh the pros and cons first. Ask yourself questions.

  1. Why do I want to start over?  – are you just bored with life? want to spice it up? is it a routine?
  2. How will it affect the people around me? –  this one is relatively important because there will always be a someone who will get/be affected with the change whether it’s for the best of both parties or just yourself, think if it’ll be worth it.
  3. Are you doing this for yourself or for others? – again, is it for the best?
  4. Will you grow as a person if you start over?

Remember, that starting over means a chance to improve, motivate and grow as an individual. I am not encouraging you to do it again and again every time you screw up ( though, it wouldn’t be a bad thing either. It just proves your persistence in trying to improve yourself ^_~) but consider also those who will be affected by it.

It won’t be easy I tell you, but if your are determined and remain focused on your goal in achieving that change, YOU CAN! because at the end of the day, you wouldn’t like asking yourself the what ifs of life right?





Why is it when you mention the word LOVE we automatically think of romance with someone?

Why is it when you mention the word LOVE we automatically think of romance with someone?

I keep on wodering about this. If you mention the word “love” you automatically feel the need to think of someone to be involved with.

Most of the time I see writers who writes about Love and usually It’s  about  someone, a husband, boyfriend or partner. And I think teenagers nowadays often mistakes it as just like that. Many people gets depressed over something they shouldn’t be getting depressed on at an early age.

Love isn’t just about loving a person per se. For me, love is something you are passionate about. You feel strongly about. It doesn’t have to involve someone.

So I am going to change that trend. I am going to write about love for things and love for self.
Let’s start off with loving yourself. 

I used to be that girl who gets SO insecure over pretty sexy girls. And I totally know how that insecurity can eat someone up. I have 4 sisters who are beautiful and sexy (think models and beauty queens) so trust me when I say I know. I was the awkward teenager. Wearing glasses and sitting at the back of the room. But you see overtime I grew tired of it. (Everyone should too!) because in the real world, it doesn’t matter what you look like, what matters is what YOU can do and what’s inside. Yes, cliche as it may sound. As you mature and grow older, you would be needing friends and co-workers whom you can trust and enjoy things with, not someone who looks good and pretty or sexy. YOU live your own life not them. Cry all your insecurities now and face tomorrow with your head held high. Love yourself and embrace your abilities and work on your flaws. 

Second, love for things.

Love is also as mentioned above, about things you are passionate about. May it be through books, art, music, sports, technology or food. Embrace it and be proud of it. Share it. This one took me awhile to discover. I’m the type of person who’s pride is too high that my mindset is always “what they can do, I can do it too” so I tried everything. Literally EVERYTHING! But I wasn’t passionate about these things and though I was doing great, I didn’t excel. So for you who’s reading this, find something you are passionate about and focus on it. Now, my passion is writing and art. I may not be great now but isn’t that how life works? You learn and improve. And so I am. And with you reading this helps me. *winks*

So upon ending this, remember that Love is about YOURSELF and things that makes YOU happy. You don’t have to be with someone to find love and be happy. Sometimes, you just have to appreciate the world around you to find LOVE. 

Smile and the world will smile with you! That involves love too!



When can you tell that you’re a writer? Are you a LEGIT writer or just a writer?

Hey guys! This is my first post so bear with me on this one. Your opinions matters to me so much so comment on the section below and let me see what you think.


When can you tell that you ARE a writer?

This questions has been bugging for the longest time. You see, all my life, I’ve always thought of being a writer. You know, where my imaginations gets wild, new ideas, storyline and poetry. I know I have it in me. I just needed to be passionate about it. But overtime, since I was busy with school and other stuff. I forgot about it. Not until just recently. 

I recently joined this social app for writers. Yes, an app for writers. I mean, for someone who was once dreamt of being a writer, stumbling upon this app, it was like, the fire that I’ve unconsciously put out inside me was ignited again. And oh God how I enjoyed it. Specially with every like and comments that I get from my pieces. I would do backflips and cartwheels if I can to show how happy I get.

But recently I’ve been wondering, can I consider myself now as a writer? And I’ve asked people over there of what they thought about it.

Some, if not most answered that being a writer, one must have the ability to connect to your readers. Whether in imagination or feeling. Some said that, being a writer doesn’t need to have an audience. It’s like a hobby, as long as you enjoy it, it doesn’t matter. Continue with it and be happy. If audience loved it then it’s a plus. But what striked me the most is one answer, and this is from one of my most fave persons there.

A writer — is someone who has the NEED to write. Without it, self violence is committed.

A LEGIT writer — is someone who can transform others from his words alone. 

But you know what I think? 

Being a writer means pouring yourself out there. Because deep inside you, you know that somehow, somewhere around the world there is someone who are in the same situation as you are or what you’re writing about. 

And there’s no need for classification whether you are a legit writer or not. As long as you write, you ARE a writer. So just continue what you do. The world is too big so it’s impossible that there’s no one you can connect with. Whether if its in your form of a story or poetry, people can always relate to something. 

And remember not NEVER ever listen to those who put you down. Always believe in what you do so people will believe in you too.

Happy Writing!